Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Love of God

I've been going through the Bible looking up the word love. I want to know what God's love is and what makes His love so much richer and deeper than mans. I've only read about half of the verses that actually have the word love in them, but I've already been very convicted.
I didn't expect to see a big difference between man's love and God's love. Of course, I know they're not the same, but really, isn't Not really.
I discovered that the verses which talk about man's love show that it is temporary, easily lost, often based on what someone else does for them rather than freely given. Saul used his daughter's and servant's love for David to persuade him to marry his daughter. Delilah used Samson's love for her to aid her in deceiving him. Amnon loved his sister until he had taken what he wanted and then he hated her. Even David in the Psalms would write the he loved the Lord because of something God did for him
However, God's love is unchanging, never ceasing and freely bestowed upon filthy, sinful human beings that have done NOTHING to deserve it. God loved His people even though they continually rejected Him. He sought out their love continually. Even when they turned away from Him, He reckoned with them and pulled them back to Himself, all the while knowing that they would again reject Him. Having a love for someone that great is humanly impossible! We just can't do it. Only God can have a deep, satisfying love that stretches through the depths and width of eternity. If only we would learn to cling to God's love rather than the love of the world.
It is so easy to go looking for love in all the wrong places. Human affection is deceiving and easy to get, but very often it is false and temporary. When we look for love in places other than God's arms, we will be hurt. Because let's face it, not even the best of human beings can love like God can. Even the strongest of Christians will let people down. It's in our sinful nature to do so. But God CAN work miracles in our hearts. He can teach us to love selflessly. And He can love us with the most tender and wonderful love imaginable.

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