Thursday, August 30, 2012

Don't Put Your Hope In Me

I live in a world of people that need hope. Life gets depressing and hard and people want a hope that they can believe in and put a face on. The problem is, our hope needs to be found in God not man.
Yesterday I was talking to a very sweet lady and her middle aged daughter. We had a lovely time talking about 4-H and Walworth County. I had to leave the room for some reason and when I returned the lady told me that they now had hope for the future because of how nice I was. I told her, "Praise the Lord. But truly, it's not me; it's the Lord and a lot of work from my parents." Her response made me a little sad as she replied, "Oh no honey, it's you." I quickly told her that, no, it really is the Lord, and that was the end of the conversation for a while.
I thought about the incident and while I was flattered that they had enjoyed conversing with me, I was very saddened at how quickly she brushed God aside.

The truth is, if everyone put their hope in me, they would be sorely disappointed. Those that long for hope and change need to realize that the only true hope and change comes in knowing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. 
When I meet new people and talk with them, I do want them to see something different. It's always my prayer that I would stand out from the crowd and be different from the world. But, I'm not like that because I'm some amazing teenager. If I'm like that at all it is ONLY because of Christ working in me and because He placed incredible parents in my life to raise and train me in His ways. It is really nice to make a difference in people's lives. It's really nice to have people like you because they're impressed. But, I don't want people to get the wrong impression. I'm not nice simply because I have great personality. If I'm nice at all it's only because God took a very NOT NICE person and changed my life. I'm not different than your average teenager simply because I just chose to be. If I'm different in other people's eyes, it's because when God makes a person His own, miracles happen. Angry, bitter people learn how to forgive. Selfish, covetous people learn how to give. Lost, lonely souls learn how to hope and trust.

Because Jesus is that amazing.

Don't put your hope in me or any other earthly being. We will disappoint and let you down.
But God won't.

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Anonymous said...

I have had people say the same things about me, and yes I admit it feels good, but you made a great point. It is not because of us or what we have done, but because of HIM. God is so faithful and it is only because of the work that He is doing in our lives that we have hope, and can live the difference that Christ makes in a life!