Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Week of Opportunity

This week is a week of much opportunity. Everyday I will be seeing hundreds of people, many of them that don't know Christ and are headed down the path to destruction. While to think about it seems nerve racking for me, I am asking you all to pray that God will give me the boldness and courage to be a bright light for him. Pray that I might make use of every conversation and every moment in which I can reach out to others in this hurting world. It's very easy to get carried away by the glamour and shimmer of the fair, but I don't want to forget the real reason I'm here. There are so many people who need Jesus. I just hope I have the boldness to share His name.
Please keep me in your prayers this week. For some reason this is laying much heavier on my heart this year than ever before. God's got some big plans and I'm feeling a little nervous.

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