Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rejoice and Dance

My legs ache. My feet hurt. But dancing at the wedding last night was sheer fun.
I've always loved dancing. It's part of who I am. I used to take dance classes when I was younger, now I just do it for fun. When I'm happy I dance. When I'm sad I don't. I love how Scripture uses dancing to show how God can change a life. Often the Bible talks about how God will turn our mourning and sorrow into dancing.
There are many things wrong with our world. There is sin and sorrow everywhere. The loss, rejection, pain and grief are enough to kill any weary spirit. But the Lord will lift us up. He will fill our hearts with joy in Him. He will turn our mourning into dancing, because He is that wonderful. I love the story of David dancing before the Lord.....maybe not His selection of clothing. :-) None the less, I love how a man, often very bogged down by trials and enemies on every side, danced in celebration for the Lord. He danced for his Lord with pure joy because of what God had done for Him. Sometimes I think we should be dancing and celebrating what God has done more. At the wedding we went to, we danced to celebrate what God had done in this young couple's life. How often do we dance because of the gifts of love that God pours out on us. Are His gift's enough to make us dance?
My little sister Kendra is a pro at this. Sometimes in the morning, I will look outside and see her twirling and dancing while she sings Psalms and praises to God. It's the way she worships best and it's beautiful. I think I could learn a lesson from her.
He will turn our sorrow into what are we waiting for? Dance!