Monday, August 27, 2012

Mountains and Valleys

Life is full of mountains and valleys. Sometimes I get discouraged as I look at my life and see that I have a tendency to plunge from mountain tops to the valleys in record speed, but struggle to climb back up. I wish I could just stay on top of the mountain. Free as a bird. Although, I suppose even a mountain top could become a prison if you could not leave. It would lose it's splendor if you never had a valley to compare it to.

You know, David was an extremest kind of guy when it came to mountains and valleys. I think that's why the Psalms speak so clearly to me. When he was on a mountain, he was completely on top. The Lord was his strength, his refuge, his high tower. There was nothing to fear. Then he would plunge to the valleys and there would be ten thousands of them that hate him, and enemies surrounding him on every side.
The Lord understands our human emotions, just as He understood David's. Life isn't about being a rock hard person that has no emotion and can take anything, it's about being an emotional person that has learned to put their trust in the One who controls those emotions. God will wipe away every tear, but they have to fall first.
Knowing that the man after God's own heart had emotional battles gives me a little more hope that through my frustrating ups and downs God can still use my life. If He could use David's ups and downs to give us the Psalms, I can only imagine what He could do with someone as emotional as me.


Bethany Hartlaub said...

I remember reading somewhere that the reason we can feel joy so incredibly is because we've felt pain. Tears of joy come during moments of intense happiness because we've experienced sorrow and heartbreak...interesting thought...

Grandma Cheryl said...

Amen to that Kaila!