Friday, June 29, 2012

Not Forgotten

I would like to ask anyone that is able to please help support this film by voting for it. There is info at the link below about the film.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

For the Single

For young men:

 A girl worth finding will be lost in Christ, seek HIM and you will find her.

For young ladies:
A girl should become so lost in Christ that a man has to seek HIM to find her. 

Those were quotes on the gift table at the wedding we went to. I thought the message was so beautiful.

There is a Time

For everything there is a time and a season.
That's what I love about Ecclesiasties. It puts everything in it's place. These last couple of weeks have been a mix of so many "times and seasons" that I felt like I was on the verge of a mental breakdown for a while.....don't worry, I'm fine now. :-)
Last week, amidst the craziness of 4-H summer, we had a family friend die, and a wedding all in the same weekend. The mix of the two got me thinking quite a bit.
When a human mind is rushed with all these mixed emotions, suddenly life becomes so much shorter.
We live, we eat, we breath....
We grow up, we get a job, we get married...
We have families, we have losses, we have gains...
But one day we will die.
We will leave behind us loved ones, kisses not given, tears not wiped, regrets to fill an ocean, and yet we will be able to do nothing, change nothing because we will be dead and there's no going back.
It's when I think about these things that life becomes so fragile to me. So often I find myself caught up in my present worries and aurguments that I forget how fragile this life truly is. In my impatience, I so easily try to rush life. Then I look back and wish I had savored that moment.

I think about all the people losing their homes in Colorado right now. I think about how often I grudgingly clean and do chores in my home. If I were one of those people who had lost my home, I doubt that I would be thinking about how hard it was to clean the house. I bet I would be thinking about how I wish I had enjoyed my time there instead.
But, why does it take tragedy to make me think?
Ecclesiastes seems to have the answer to that too. :-) In chapter 7, verse 3 it says, "Sorrow is better than laghter: for by the sadness of the countenance the heart is made better." Maybe that's it. Maybe that is why God allows sorrow to be mixed with our joys. Because it gets us to think. It makes us appreciate the joys more.
Mourning over the death of a man married to his wife for 44 years, made the joyous wedding of some dear friends all the richer. Sorrow makes you cherish the joy more. One woman lost her husband, one girl married the man of her dreams. And I stand on the outside and watch. I learn about God's faithfulness, and I learn to love what I have been given.

There is a time for everything, we just need to learn to accept the current time.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Live Life

Some days are wonderful, dreamy, enchanting. Other days make you feel like an untied balloon. You get blown up, then depleted, then blown up, then depleted. It's the days that keep you on your toes that remind you of what life truly is.
For me, each day is a reminder of who I am in Christ, and what He has created me to be. If I believe that He has created me to someday fulfill the role of wife and mother, than cleaning up toddlers potty training messes, dealing with clogged sinks, sopping up the floods from leaky laundry pipes, filling book orders and all the other eventful situations that can pop up in a day are a blessing. They are a training ground for the role God has me to fulfill.
Right now, my role is to serve in my family. If while I serve my family I am preparing for my future role, then it's all BLESSING.  - I just have to keep reminding myself of that fact every few minutes.

God created me to serve, to help others, to follow Him and to spread the Gospel.
As I was cleaning up steamy litter stew (the cat litter box got filled with water from the leaking pipe) I was reminded of a movie we once watched about a missionary lady in Africa. I wish I could remember her name, but it has escaped my mind. In the village that she and her husband were working there was a dump. Not a nice green bin, but a mountain of filth and garbage. It was in that dump that the poorest, sickest people lived. No missionary had ever gone there because of how terrible the flies were. But, this lady knew that these people needed to hear the gospel just as much as everyone else. So, she went there. She wore no mask, rather she held the little filthy, naked children in her arms. She did not wear a look of disgust, but of love and care.

I got to thinking, if I can't clean out a litter box, or some messy underpants, what's going to happen when God calls me into the filthiest of places to spread His name.

My problem is often not that I don't know how I should be reacting to frustrating situations, but that I choose not to be thankful. When I'm thankful then suddenly all these problems don't seem so bad. As I scrubbed litter boxes out, I suddenly had a reason to be happy.
I was thankful.
I was thankful for the homemade drain-o recipe that my Mom and sister were using in our clogged drains.
I was thankful for a scrub brush so I didn't have to use my bare hands.
I was thankful that my little brother at least had a desire to clean up his own mess.
I was thankful for power sprayers.
I was thankful for the beautiful day.

Then I laughed.
Because really, when it's all said and done, my crazy morning could put Shakespeare's "Comedy of Errors" to shame.

Life is not a china vase. It's meant to be lived. When we live in a state of thankfulness we come to find out that all along we weren't really living it to the fullest.

Now the messes are cleaned, the book orders are packaged, the emails sent out. Now I can breathe. But I feel wonderful. I'm not crabby and angry like I normally would feel after a morning like this. I feel happy. God opened my eyes and showed me all the gifts in my morning. Yeah, I had to wash away a lot of filth and grim to see them - literally. But now that I see them, I wonder how it is that I usually miss them.

I am blessed!

And so are you.

Give Thanks

Today is one of those days that I look around and think, "I'm supposed to give thanks?!" And then I start to get creative, like thanking God for homemade Drain-o recipes and power sprayers. There's always something to give thanks for, it's just a matter of finding it.

 As I told my sister, there will always be things you want, there will always be things you get and there will always be things that you don't get. Living life to the fullest is being thankful for what you do get - even if you don't like it.

So what are you thankful for today????