Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Got Faith?

It's a catchy phrase, "Got Milk?" "Got Music?" "Got This?" "Got That?"........"Got Faith?" Christians often life to take catch phrases like that and turn around to have a good message, but I wonder if we're losing the point because we dumb it down do much. Really, having faith is not the same as having milk, or anything else for that matter. Throughout the Gospels, Jesus did much work healing and aiding those that had faith and working on the faith of His disciples. I always find it interesting that the people sick and dying, who should have been in the depths of despair, were the ones who had the faith to believe that Jesus could heal them. However, the disciples who walked with Jesus everyday and saw Him perform tons of miracles, they were the ones who Jesus chided because of their lack of faith.

I wonder why the disciples struggled with faith so much. They saw the things Jesus did. They knew He could heal these people, but they were the ones who struggled to believe that He could. I also wonder if I am not just like these disciples. I see God's hand all through history. I know and believe in what Jesus did. I know that Christ is able, but I still doubt. I doubt that His plans are good. I doubt that He knows my every need. I doubt that He still heals and gives strength to those that believe He will. I wonder if the reason those that were blind, sick with leprosy and lame had the faith to believe that Jesus could heal them, was because they had nothing else to believe in. There was no one else to save them. All their plans had been ruined and stripped from them. They had nothing else to cling to but faith.

I have everything. I have plans. I have people to take care of me. Maybe that's why having faith is hard. I need to start putting my faith in Christ rather than the things of the world. My plans, my possessions, the people in my life; they will pass away, they will let me down, they will not last. Only Jesus will! Faith isn't something I can just grab. It's a process of letting go and believing in my Lord and Savior as my All in All.

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