Sunday, April 15, 2012

These days....

So, I have only done one, single blog post about my Bible reading progress. Sorry about that. Life has been very busy. One thing I have decided is the reading portions are quite large. I enjoy it, but it usually takes me all day to finish. It helps me focus on the Word more during my day.

Yesterday, I was reading in Exodus. I was tempted to get rather...well...bored, but I decided that I shouldn't be bored with the Bible. The Lord showed me so very interesting things about the Scripture I was reading. All those plans and measurements that He gave in regards to the tabernacle and Aaron's clothing, were specific instructions for beautiful pieces of art. When you actually think about the materials and the colors that the Lord instructed them to use, you realize what an artistically minded God we have.

Something else I thought of - and I'm not saying this is a revelation or anything - is the fact that God's wanting the priest's breastplate to be laden with all of those beautiful stones, shows that He likes when we use certain of His creations for our decorations. :-) I mean, those stones are rare and exquisite stones. It seems to me that God actually intended us to make use of those gems and wear them. Of course, I say that while keeping in mind that it should not be our goal to draw attention to ourselves, but I don't think that it is bad to wear pretty jewelry.

Going back to what I read earlier this week, I am always amazed at the whole history of the 12 tribes of Israel. What an incredible story of God's faithfulness to generation upon generation. And these weren't perfectly holy people. They were flawed human beings, like you and me, that God used to fulfill His purposes. That encourages me so much, because it helps me to remember that God can do great things through any person's life regardless of their situation and social status. His ways are better than our ways and His plans far exceed ours!

So, as we head into another week, do you have anything that the Lord has taught you that you would like to share? Even if you aren't doing the challenge feel free to share. God reveals different things to people and I think that it is great when we share those revelations with each other.

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