Monday, April 16, 2012


Mondays are usually my least favorite day. And dreary, windy Mondays are usually even lower on my favorites list. But today is a great Monday - even though it's rather dreary and windy. It just feels like one of those days meant for accomplishing things.

My Bible reading this morning was all in Leviticus. I worked hard to keep my mind focused. Reading these chapters helps me to marvel in the fact that Jesus Christ, my Savior, was the final sacrifice. All of those rules and laws regarding sacrifices are finished in Christ. He is my sacrificial Lamb. Because of Him and through Him, I can come to God with my prayers and supplications, without a lamb or dove or any other animal. Reading those passages with that in mind was way more powerful than just mindlessly reading through them.

So, what else have I accomplished today? Well, I did a lesson of math, which for the record counts as a HUGE accomplishment. :-)
I have three lovely loaves of Italian Bread in the oven. I did half white flour, half whole wheat flour, in an attempt to make the recipe more healthy. I'm praying they work. I absolutely LOVE making Italian bread. The dough is so smooth and soft to knead. The recipe I have is so wonderful. My favorite line is "Knead until as soft and smooth as a bambino's behind." Now that's my kind of recipe! I get that kind of language! :-)
I also started working on a drawing of my Mom's "pretty" picture from her "pretty, happy, funny, real" post this week. It is a gorgeous photo of our bleeding hearts that we have growing in the front yard. A friend from church gave me a bunch of tips on graphing out the photo, and darkening my lines. You know, I discovered that graphing makes drawing pictures way easier. I had never tried it before, but I rather like it. My drawing is much more precise.

Oh my! I just took out my bread to spray some water on the crust and it smells soooo good! I wish I could put a smell sample on my blog.

Well, dinner is waiting to be made. I need to end now.

How was your Monday???



beka said...

hah, i love the recipe reference....made me crack up:)

btw, kaila, have you ever had thoughts of remodeling the cosmetics of your blog? color, style, etc? it's so simple...or if you didn't have time, you could tell me what colors you like and i could log in and remodel it for you. :) simple, or more decorated. there are sites with free-download backgrounds, from intricate to bold designs.
if not at all, that's perfectly fine. just was wondering, because i know how i can itch to change just a few small things; it's like redecorating a room, only cheaper! ;)

Anonymous said...

Your bread sounds awesome!:) I need the recipe!

On the matter of Bible reading, I also was struck by the details to Aaron's priestly robes in Exodus. All the instructions and colors, it made me think about how much God cares about what we wear. There were two words used to descibe the robes, they were beauty and glory. Are the clothes we wear beautiful, do they bring glory to God or to ourselves? Obviously we should not be obsessed with clothes or appearance, but I think this passage does show that it matters to God. Aaron was a priest, daily he went before God. We as Christians can go before God's throne each and every day!

Just my 0.02 for the day!


Unknown said...

Kaila, I would love it you were able to change the dark background of your blog. It is nearly impossible for me to read unless I print it out, and usually I don't get to that. For some reason the color combo of font/background is very hard on my head/eyes.
Miss Susan