Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Nearer My God to Thee

Simply amazing!!!


Grandma Rachel said...

Oh Kaila! That was so beautiful! A song I've heard my Mom sing often. That along with Amazing Grace were her favorites. Thank you for sharing.
Love you honey

The Babiak Family said...

I love you too Grandma!!!!

Daughter of Eve said...

These guys do amazing music. I love listening to their stuff. =)

By the way... this is Rebekah, formerly "Friends of Narnia." I simply changed my name and my picture. In case you hadn't figured that out. :)

The Babiak Family said...

I kindof figured you were Rebekah - the one I know :-) but the picture confused me. Is that really you??? Cause if it is, you're hair is really blonde. :-) Miss ya!!!

Daughter of Eve said...

Haha, no, that isn't me. Yea... that would be interesting if it was xD
It's a character from a tv show. ;)

But yes. 'Tis I. Miss you too! It would be so much fun if we could find some day to get together for an afternoon this summer, and just catch up on things...=)