Monday, April 30, 2012

My, My, It's Been A While

Ah, it seems that my posting has been a bit scattered these days. I do have a legitimate excuse though. :-) We are switching the bedrooms in our house around, and my new room is currently under construction. Plus, 4-H Communications Arts Festival is tomorrow, which I am not really ready for, so life has been a wee bit on the crazy side, but it's wonderful!

The Bible Reading Challenge has been going well. I did get a few days behind this week. (There is nothing quite like the realization that you have to read 45 chapters today in order to get back on track. - I split it up.) But, I am back on track and lovin' it. I've been reading about David as of late. I'm always so inspired by his life. God used him in mighty ways, and yet he wasn't some perfect being. He was a completely human man that made some pretty bad choices and yet God used him.

We listened to a sermon by Paul Washer on Sunday night called "What a Man is Not." You can listen to it here. David and his life were talked about quite a bit. My Bible readings kept reminding me of the sermon. By the way, this is good for the girls too. I was sorely convicted, in fact there some parts in that sermon that are especially important for all people, men and women alike.

Today, we were reading some stuff on this website about the persecuted church in North Korea. Oh friends, my heart aches for our brothers and sisters there. It is so easy to put them out of our minds, but they so need our prayers. I really feel burdened for them, so I would like to ask you all to keep them in your prayers this week - and month, year, decade... They have endured so much for Christ.

That's all for now.
Maybe I'll have some pics of the work I'm doing in my new room later.

Blessings to y'all!!!

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