Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's Not "The End"

Many stories end the with the famous words, "The End."
I'm always tempted to laugh when I read that phrase.
 It seems so vague, so unreal.
It's not a bad phrase, it just isn't the right phrase, because where one story ends, another begins.

 I've always loved a tragic ending, like a Shakespeare ending that leaves you lost in a state of shock.

But in real life, tragic endings are hard and painful.

When a "story" in life ends in a tragic way, that is when I remind myself of the new "story" that is beginning.
 I do not know the new story's plot, or all of it's characters, what the climax will be or if it will end happily.
I only know the Author of all stories is writing another marvelous story and even if it ends tragically, it is only because the ending of a future story will be better because of it.


beka said...

i like this post.

although it kind of reminds me of the little cat, called hope, that died early this morning after our 15+ hours of trying to nurse it back to health and vitality. :\
the end...sigh.
it can be quite tragic.

Daughter of Eve said...

This is part of why I love the end of The Last Battle so much. C.S. Lewis doesn't call it "the end." He calls it the beginning. And I just love that.