Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Andrew Makes Cheese Toast

This is Andrew.
Andrew is my little shadow that follows me wherever I go with a never ending song of, "I'm hungry, I'm hungry, I'm hungry."
As soon as he is done with his meal or snack he smiles and says, "Kaila, I'm hungry."
So I decided that he was going to start helping me prepare some of his own food. 

Spaghetti was on the menu for dinner so I thought the little man would enjoy making some cheese toast to accompany the meal.
His face lit up as bright as the noonday sky when I told him that he was going to "paint" the bread for me. He was so careful and gentle as he brushed on the cheesy butter.
Haha, at this moment he is sitting next to me saying, "I just wanna eat my bread. Keeya, I just wanna eat my bread. Can I please eat my bread? Keeya, I just wanna eat my bread."

There is nothing like being a sister to lots of wonderful siblings. I love it! I really do. It's crazy and it's insane sometimes, but I wouldn't trade this life for anything!
Someone asked me the other day if I really wanted to have kids someday and my response was "YES!!!"
I would love to have children someday if the Lord saw fit to give them to me. I love living a life with children of all ages all around. Of course there are days when the noise is a bit much and the stress a bit high, but it's all so wonderfully worth it!
If I didn't have my siblings, I wouldn't get these precious moments like the one I just had with little Andrew.  Someday he will probably be bigger than me and I will look back on these days and laugh!  I will look back and thank God that He gave me precious moments with these little ones because they don't stay little forever.

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Grandma Cheryl said...

Precious for sure! Loved it! xxoo