Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Week 4: Baby Showers

Alrighty, I am officially claiming Baby Showers as my topic for the week. My sister Leah is expecting a baby boy and we were throwing a shower for the baby.
Now for me, learning how to throw a baby shower is a very practical skill because I have quite a few friends, and I am sure that I will eventually have to host a baby shower for someone - not to mention I have 4 sisters. :-)
I'll share what we did by the pictures, which are in no special order because I simply don't feel like going through the effort of rearranging them right now. :-)
Okay, this is the blue punch we made. Note for the future, the ducks do not always float upright like the ones on Pintrest. Our ducks liked to float on their sides.

No baby shower is complete without chocolate, and I adore making confectioneries and dipping chocolates, so that was my department. I dipped pretzels, strawberries and cake balls.
Seriously, I would do this for a wedding or any other type of party! I love dipping chocolate things.

One of the most difficult parts of planning a baby shower is coming up with fun games to play. In this game everyone had to put a paper plate on their head and draw a baby. It was pretty funny, but let me tell you, finding a reasonable, fun game was not easy.

We picked a theme for our shower: Basketball.
I think Leah's ball is a little bit bigger than Moshe's. :-)

Favors, another thing that is difficult to come up with. These are little candles with a saying.

Basketball cake ball. Three words:
They were cute and delicious, but they were nightmares to make.

Gifts. An easily forgotten, essential part of a shower. I forgot about the fact that I needed a gift till the week of, so then I ended up staying up till midnight the night before trying to finish this blanket.
Personal Note: Plan gifts ahead of time!

Ahh yes, finding foods that fit the theme. Since we were doing a basketball theme, we did a nacho bar for the main food. Then we saw this idea on Pintrest. Thus I spent a half and hour turning clementine's into basketballs! They were so fun and cute!

Friends <3 p="">
Another game. Mom would read off a word that had to do with labor or being a mother and the guests had to guess which candy bar best fit that word.

And the nacho bar.
Hosting a shower is a lot of work, but my Mom is incredibly organized. The biggest thing I learned was that you really need to be mentally prepared with a plan. Also, everything works best if you can get lots done in advance.

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