Monday, February 18, 2013

A Frail Faith and a Strong Savior

I know I haven't blogged very much lately. Life has been busy and full. A few days ago I was sitting on my Mom's bed telling her how adult life was much more difficult than I thought it would be.  There are many decisions and choices that one has to make. Some are easy, but many are not so simple. I think I was going through a mental overload - inflicted on me by myself. :-) The fact of the matter is, I was frustrated because I felt like I wasn't getting answers to the questions I was asking of God. I like to know what's going to happen next, or what the right choice would be. However, I was unwilling to wait on the Lord for those answers. My frustration was bogging me down and causing me to neglect my prayer life.
Think about it. When you are annoyed with someone you typically don't want to have a heartfelt conversation with them. That was my issue and it was wrong. My heart was wrong, my motives were wrong and my thought process was wrong. Who am I to demand answers from God?
So, because of my wrong attitudes I had turned to my own self for answers. Let me tell you, if you find life confusing and slightly difficult don't ever go to yourself for answers. That just furthers the confusion and difficulty. That is why I was dealing with a self-inflicted mental overload. :-)
At church yesterday, the sermon was about frail faith and a strong Savior. Never could there have been a more timely sermon. I just want to share the four main points of the sermon because they were so good.
(The text was Mark 9:14-29)
1. The absence of faith displeases God.
In the midst of my frustration I had slowly lessened my faith in God and in His sovereignty. Of course I wasn't finding the answers to my prayers. I was blinded to the answers because I didn't believe that they would come.
2. The presence of faith makes all things possible.
Jesus' goal is not instant ease of our discomfort. He can do all things. With a snap of His fingers He can solve the problem, grant health, give prosperity, make all things happy and dandy, but Jesus desires us to have faith in Him as the Son of God.
3. The object of our faith, not its size, directs its power.
I can have faith that my problems will go away, that all will be well in the world, and my faith will be pointless. Am I in control? Am I all powerful? Of course not. So, why should I think that I can control things by having faith that I can. Only having faith in Jesus Christ can accomplish anything. He is in control and all powerful. A frail faith pointed to a strong Savior is far better than a huge faith in myself.
4. The fruit of faith needs dependence on prayer.
This is probably the biggest area I have failed in. I wasn't praying hardly at all. I was neglecting my time with the Lord. Acting like a spoiled child, I was ignoring the One who has given me more than any other, simply because I was frustrated. Prayer shows our dependence on God. I was depending on my undependable self.

Once I acknowledged this issue in my life a certain, indescribable peace filled my heart. I don't feel like I need all the answers to my questions right away anymore. Somehow, He has showed me that the answers will come if I am willing to place my faith in His will. I feel free. 
I know I have a frail, weak faith. But with that faith pointed to my strong Savior, I don't feel confused; I feel strong. He has lifted me up when I was falling.
He did all this for me. My question now is, where does your faith lie?

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