Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Week 2: Venice

I realize that it is not the 2nd week in January, but I'm behind on blogging and I suddenly have a semi open afternoon to write these posts. They will be short and sweet partly because of time, and partly because I'm starting to lose the composed blog posts that were in my head after the initial studying of the subject.

So, without further delay, here is week two: Venice
Now I understand that Venice is probably one of the most impractical subjects I could choose, but I was at the library and suddenly, as if a spotlight was shinning down on it, my eyes fell to a book in the new section and I just knew it was the one.....(sappy, seriously)
Anyways, I have dreamed of going to Venice ever since I was 8 years old and listened to a Classical Kids CD about Antonio Vivaldi. Since then, I have had an obsession with the city to the point that I have a picture of the Grand Canal hanging on my ceiling above my bed.

The whole purpose of reading this random book about Venice was that I wanted to learn about it's history. However, I found the art of the city to be so fascinating that I can't remember much else from the book. :-)

Being that the roads in Venice are all water ways, water plays a huge part in art and architecture of the city. Many paintings depict Biblical accounts that have to do with water, such as Moses parting the Red Sea, Jesus calming the waves, Jesus walking on water etc.
Much of the marble used in the city, has a special design on it intended to depict waves.

I found it interesting that the author spoke of Venice as being its own world in a way. It is obviously a city in Italy, but in a way it is it's own place. It is Venice. It is part of Italy, but it is not Italy. I wish I had the book in front of me to quote some of the magical descriptions used. It sounds like such a mysterious, enchanting city.

Someday I'll go there....just not yet. I met a lady at the Reformation Day Faire last year that was telling me how her husband had a business trip to Venice and he took her with. She told me that you never know when God is going to surprise you with something you've always dreamed of.
So, for now I'll just keep dreaming, in a contented way of course. I'll survive just fine if I never actually go there, but it's fun to dream. :-)

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