Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Week 3: Flax Seed

Ahh yes.....Venice to flax seed. This is the story of my life, one extreme to the next. :-) I didn't read a book on flax seed - I was smart enough with my New Years Res to know that I wouldn't always have time to read a whole book. I read some articles online about it though, and they proved to be just as helpful.

My Mom has been reading  "Trim Healthy Mama," which is a really good book, so we've been eating a little bit differently. The hardest part for me is it is very low in, no grain. Now anyone who knows me well knows that I LOVE bread and pasta and pretty much anything loaded with grain and gluten. :-) Thus it has been a bit difficult to let the carbs go. Anyways, I was having a "I-NEED-a-cookie-or-muffin" moment and all I could find was flax seed meal. Now obviously, that is not a replacement for flour, so I didn't get any cookies or muffins out of it, but I did do some research and found out that putting flax seed in dishes that you make can help you feel more full and satisfied.

Flax seed is really high in vitamin B and fiber, but the best part of flax seed is that it contains Omega-3 fatty acids which sounds really bad, but they actually help against inflammation, which in turn helps prevent different types of arthritis, asthma, diabetes and other issues.

It's a pretty special little seed.
Oh, it also works as an egg replacer if you are making a batch of muffins or cookies and don't have any eggs on hand. Of course, I won't be making any muffins or cookies for a while, but you might find this little piece of info to be useful.
(By the way, don't feel sorry for me. I've felt great eating grain free. :-) )

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