Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Christian Voters, Please Read These Articles!!!


Daughter of Eve said...

So the solution is to refuse to vote in the presidential elections? I strongly disagree. I would much rather have Mitt Romney in the White House than President Obama. Why? Because, as bad as Romney may be, he will be better than Obama, if for no other reason than he has to give in to pressure from his party. He does. If he wants any chance of being re-elected (as any politician nowadays does), he is going to have to make sure he isn't abandoned by his main constituency.
And I find it disconcerting when that site calls Obama a Muslim. He's not. He may have, at one point, sort of kind of a little bit adhered to Islam, but he is not a Muslim. I find it very saddening when people make unsubstantiated claims like this, trying to frighten others, because it detracts from the real facts and issues and gives liberals things to grab hold of, to show that we are silly, fear-mongering liars. And I fear that, in some cases, they may be pointing to things that really do prove their point.
And as to the second point - I don't care that Romney is a Mormon. I don't. Mormons, when it comes to moral standards, are pretty close to Christians. Sure, they are not Christians, and thus are as lost as everyone else in this world. But I see no threat from his religion to America as a whole. He's not going to turn America into a Mormon country. Now, if he were a practicing Muslim, I would be worried, because of the dictates of Islam - that all must come into submission under Sharia. But... he's a Mormon. That's not going to happen. I really think his religion has very little bearing on his political career. If you cannot vote for a Mormon, then you cannot vote for any non-Christian. And that takes out pretty much all the politicians and statesmen out there, and you're left out of the political system.
I think we just need to deal with the fact that we're not going to have a governmental system based on God's laws until Jesus returns and sets up his kingdom on earth, ruling the nations justly. It's just not going to happen. We have to make do with our imperfect, broken world. And, do you know what? If we have a governmental system where we institute Christianity as the law of the land, we put ourselves in an extremely dangerous position. Because just wait until the Muslims take charge. If we have a government where those in power legislate their religious beliefs... we're in big trouble. We need, rather, checks and balances, limited government power, etc. It's never going to be perfect. We just need to learn to work with this.

I just had a similar argument with another friend today, over whether being a Democrat was a sin. He said yes. I said no, absolutely not. It just makes me so sad when Christians mix up politics and Christianity. Yes, they do impact each other greatly - I mean, our faith impacts our stance on gov't, etc. But to say anyone against you is sinning? Or that we can't vote for an imperfect person? That just seems harsh and misguided, and it seems like it will lead to a lot of problems.

You can vote how you like. But I will be voting for Mitt Romney. It's not going to be easy getting our country back on the right track. But getting Republicans back in office is a step in the right direction. Yeah, the presidency isn't that important. But the president is the SPOKESMAN for the government, in a sense. So he is important. He's the one with the most influence over the American people, with his words. So we must choose him carefully. I will vote for the lesser of two evils. And then I'll go and start trying to work towards an almost libertarian system of government. But that comes later. ;)

Sorry. Rant over. :)

The Babiak Family said...

Oh, I quite agree with your first statement!!! If we didn't vote nothing would ever happen! :-)

However, I don't agree with everything you said, and that's okay.
I posted these articles because I think that they provided some good food for thought. I do agree with the points of the authors.

Here is a link for an article that I personally wrote about voting.
I won't be voting for Romney, or Obama for that matter, but I assure you, I will be voting.

Thank you for sharing your opinion with me. I do enjoy hearing what others thing about voting.
Sorry it took so long to post the comment - we were on vacation. :-)
God Bless!
I hope we can get together someday soon!!!! <3