Friday, August 5, 2011


Oh, the glories of the orchestra! I absolutely love listening to the music of the orchestra. I find it utterly amazing as I sit awed and transfixed on the musicians. All of those beautiful instruments playing together with such beauty and intricacy; it is so breath taking....

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Okay, so can you guess? I went to the orchestra last night. It was our "Girls Night Out," so Mom, Sarah and I went with some very dear friends to see the Lake Geneva Orchestra play. The concert theme was waltzes and marches. I had forgotten what the theme was going to be so I was simply delighted when they announced the night's theme. I tell you, music does things to me! I felt like waltzing so bad I nearly wanted to get out of my seat and act like Lisle from "The Sound of Music," when she waltzes with the air. I'm not great at waltzing by any means of the word, and I very rarely ever even get a chance to waltz, but I just love attempting to waltz and listening to waltz music. Every time I hear it I feel like getting up and dancing. It was simply delightful.

They also played some fantastic marches. My favorite was "March Slav," by: Tchaikovsky. I had never heard the history behind that song. Extremely fascinating! Look it up! It completely changes the song for you. I can't lie, I have always thought it sounded rather Egyptian, not Russian, so I was completely surprised when they read the true inspiration for the song. Of course, they also played "The Stars and Stripes Forever.” I always think of fireworks and extreme explosions when I hear that song. Sometimes I get a patriotic picture in my head, but sometimes, like tonight, I picture bad explosions and buildings falling down. (It must have been the coffee.) :-)
Oh, and I forgot to mention another favorite of mine was the "Cat's Waltz." It is hilarious how the strings can make the sound of a cat meowing. I am pretty sure I have seen the Tom and Jerry cartoon that goes with this song. Here’s another funny story. They played "The Blue Danube Waltz," and they talked about how it was in the movie "Space Odyssey," (for the record, I have never seen and never plan to see this movie). I thought this was humorous because whenever I hear this song, I think of the Veggie Tale, "Madame Blueberry." Yes, I am actually admitting that at one point in my life I watched Veggie Tales. That was a very long time ago.... Anyhow, I guess we will always have connotations with certain songs that never leave us.

It was a fabulous night and I had so much fun being with my Mom, sister and friends. So that was what I did last night. I am terribly sorry that I have not been able to blog more lately. We are running out of time on our countdown till 4-H fair judging in two weeks. I also have some interviews and a competition to prepare for, as well as teaching and living regular life at home. I thank God for all of the wonderful opportunities He has given me, but I am looking forward to all this 4-H stuff being done and over with. I probably won't be blogging much in the next couple of weeks, but don't worry, I didn't disappear. :-)

God Bless!
In Christ,


Anonymous said...

Hi Kaila-

We had such fun last night with you all! I think my favorites were the theme from Sleeping Beauty, the Blue Danube, and The Waltzing Cat. I felt like getting up and waltzing as well, especially during the Blue Danube! I would have if we had been the only ones there!:) Also the Stars and Stripes Forever is one of my favorites! I love Sousa's music! I definitely think it was the coffee that made you imagine buildings crashing down! :) Aw...good times......
I'm so thankful for awesome friends like you to share a great evening with!


Grandma Cheryl said...

I am so envious! I love classical music! Unfortunately, Grandpa & I have only been to the symphony once, though we did see the Sleeping Beauty ballet (Tschaikovsky). BTW, 2001 A Space Odyssey is my favorite movie of all time! (The Sound of Music is a close second!) xxoo