Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hebrew Learning

This last week has brought about the continuation of my mans edu-MA-cation......where he learns neat-o things like Hebrew, Greek, Scripture reliability and the likes. I've wanted to learn Hebrew since probably age 8 and so imagine my delight when he asked me if I'd like to learn it with him. Of course I said yes.

And then he believed me and bought me a set of books!

Needless to say, this last week was awesome in the learning regard. The Alef-Bet song (a high pitched, jumpy, catchy Youtube song) has been stuck in my head so permanently that I find myself humming it when Mr. Bubbles wakes up in the middle of sleeping time to snack. And then, I find it playing through my head for the next 37 minutes until I finally drift back into a sleep, hindered slightly by dreams of Olive Betting a Vet that Gimli and Daleks will bail Hay together.... (Aleph, Bet, Vet, Gimel, Dalet, Hey....and so on.) Why my brain can only remember the correct order of things when I make up crazed stories is beyond my understanding. Meanwhile my sons stuffed lion has been renamed Tav, our sink; Samekh, and our fridge; Fe - which of course is Pe without the dogesh. 

Isn't learning fun?

There is something entirely satisfying in stretching ones mind and exercising the limitations of memory. I find that I crave it! It's like reading a book that's two levels ahead of your normal reading level. There's a satisfaction in finishing even just a few pages, not to mention a whole chapter. 

Well, anyways, Mr. Bubbles isn't sounding pleased and my coffee is nearly done. Writing is now a race between inspiration and my child's pleas for nourishment. 

He's I think he won today.


Daughter of Eve said...

That's so exciting! I've tried to pick up Hebrew twice, but both times I ended up dropping it once school for busy. Someday, though! This is a thing that will happen. Someday. ;)

Have fun!

Daughter of Eve said...

*got busy

Not sure how I managed that typo...=P