Monday, February 17, 2014


Cold, white, freezing, Wisconsin snow.
We've been hit with Elsa's powers, of this I am thoroughly convinced.

I was riding in the car with my dad today....on the way home from purchasing a dress of significant importance. Looking out the windshield at snow drifts and wind blowing the snow into a giant swirl of whiteness, I sighed and let out a complaint about my weariness of the snow.
"At least it's not black," he responded to my whining.
Black covering the fields, the trees, the houses, the cars, the road.....everything.
That would be horrendous.
That would be dark.

Yes, I'm glad it's not black.

"I like to think of the snow and how it's like Christ making our sins whiter than snow."
Wisdom. Beautiful, quiet wisdom. A statement from father to daughter. A simple statement. A deep statement.
Shut my mouth.
Shut up my complaining and whining about snow.
It's beautiful. It really is.
Whiter than snow.
I can't imagine it. My sins, whiter than snow. My scarlet heart changed into beautiful, clean whiteness. And all because of love! Love that is deeper, truer. Love that carries the sins of the world on Himself.

Wisconsin snow. Jesus blood. Sinful heart. Whiter than snow.

There's beauty all around. Pictures of Christ's love swirl around us if we're willing to see. To close the mouth and listen. Listen to the lilting, floating melody of love that swirls around us in the air we breath. Do you see it? Do you hear it?
"Redemption! Salvation!" cries out the snow. "Look, see the piercing light of the sun reflecting off of the whiteness! Brighter and whiter than this has He made your heart."

Do I see? Do I hear?
Not always.
But, I'm learning.
I'm learning to open my eyes, to wipe away the glassy film of self-pity and see. There is beauty. All of creation testifies the glory of the Savior and I'm starting to see it more and more.
Praise the Lord, He gives me reminders each day. He puts people like my parents, my fiancĂ©, my friends to remind me.

Cold, white, freezing, Wisconsin snow.
A lifetime of grace and forgiveness, mercy and love.
Snow. Whiter than snow.

The cold still bothers me Elsa.

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