Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Talking to God

Thank you to all who prayed! Daddy was able to come home last night, and the doctors seemed to have fixed the problem. Now he just has to deal with the surgery pain... :-(...and no work for 3 days, meaning I'm in charge of book stuff.
Well, yesterday it just so happened that our business computer decided that freezing every 30 seconds would be a lot of fun. (I'm not exaggerating!) That makes it quite difficult to print orders and packing slips, and to e-mail costumers. The stress began to mount and I am so thankful that my brother Michael was there to help me because I might have had a Caleb Holt/computer moment. (For those of you that haven't seen "Fireproof," we'll just say it has something to do with a computer and a baseball bat.)
At one point, Michael was in the other room when the computer decided to freeze again and out of frustration I said, "Lord, can you please help this computer to work! I just can't get all of this done with a frozen computer." And then "click, click, click," it began to work again - only for about a minute mind you - but long enough for me to get the page opened that I needed opened. Michael laughing from the other room yelled, "So, you figured out my trick!" I replied, "What trick?" He came in smiling and answered, "I always talk to God about my computer problems. That's how I can always get the computer to work."

It's amazing how much easier life would be if we just took all of our cares to the Lord. I know God doesn't always answer our prayers in the way we want Him to, but He sure fixes problems better than we do. He didn't make our computer start working like new when I asked, He just allowed it to do what I needed when I needed it. Looking back I realize that God was using this frustrating time to teach me two lessons. One: that I needed to talk to Him more, and not just with my problems, but in all of life. And two: that I needed to show my brother more appreciation for all of the ways he helps me from day to day.

Michael was able to change some things on the computer this morning and it's working fine again, but yesterday was a good reminder to me that prayer is a constant, on-going thing. Don't stop praying when you say "Amen." Pray continually. God sees all we do and go through, I just wonder if sometimes He's waiting for us to ask Him for help.

Once again, thank you for all of your prayers. My Mom said that while she was at the doctors she had peace and she knew that many people were lifting Daddy up.

Make it your goal to spend a little extra time in prayer today.
In Christ,


Grandma Rachel said...

Kaila thank you for the update. Yes lots of people were praying for your Daddy. And now we pray for his surgery to heal and to not have anymore of that awful pain. Love you so much!
Grandma Rachel

The Babiak Family said...

I love you too Grandma!