Friday, January 14, 2011

The Smile Song

My cousin Julie is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. Since she was a little girl, she has had a brain tumor. The doctors were able to stunt its growth and Julie was given the gift of 25 years. Unfortunately, because of the brain tumor, she got brain cancer. I witnessed my cousin suffer through endless days of chemo and therapy. All through the last couple years of suffering through her cancer, my cousin smiled. She loved Jesus more than anything.
Today, my cousin Julie died.
Today, my cousin was healed
Today, my cousin was given a perfect body.

Right now, my cousin is sitting in the arms of Jesus.

Below is a song that reminds me of Julie. It reminds me of her smile, her love for Jesus and her genuine faith.

"The Smile Song"
Author Unknown
Everyday in this world, there are people that I meet.
I walk up, shake their hand, and they see-
The kind of person that I am by the smile that I wear.

I am blessed by the smile Jesus gives me.

A smile, a smile to make this life worthwhile;
A smile, precious smile Jesus gives me.
And someday I know to Heaven I will go where I'll thank Jesus for the smile He gives me.

Jesus Christ died for you, and He really loves you too.
There's a way you can smile and be happy!
Won't you trust in Him today? He'll come in, come in to stay.
You'll be blessed by the smile Jesus gives you

After dying on the tree, out of love for you and me,
He rose up from the grave as He promised.
Now He sits in Heav'n above, and because of His great love,
We are blessed by the smile Jesus gives us.

Julie's smile affected alot of people. Your's can too.

In Christ and For His Kingdom,

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