Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Best Blog Post Ever!

I want to write the best blog post ever; the one filled with whit to keep people reading, humor to make them laugh, and conviction to tug at their hearts. I want to write the post with such grammatical and structural perfection that not one mistake is noticed by the keenest of eyes. I want to write that post that changes the world because of it's profound content. Most of all, I want to have that one-liner. The one that everyone remembers, quotes, and writes in their journals and on walls.

But the reality is: I can't write that post.
I find myself lacking in whit and humor in the early hours of the morning. Usually the only conviction I have is that which tugs at my own heart, weighing me down. I struggle to find the words to express what I mean, and more often than not, end up with a jumble of words easily misinterpreted. Changing the world with a post is rather tricky with a following of 18 - although I love that 18. Besides, what is one blog in a cyber world of millions?

However, I do have a one-liner to share.
It's deep.
It's profound.
It's encouraging.
It's strengthening.

It's just not mine.

I heard it in church a few Sunday's ago. Sometimes, it's the only think that keeps me going. The power of it isn't the words. The truth behind the words is what gives me strength and purpose for whatever I may be going through.

"For this...I have Christ."
That's it.
For this - whatever it is that I am doing or going through - I have Christ.
Truly, that one line, would be the best blog post ever because that's what I need to hear each and every day. 
For this...I have Christ.

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