Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Barricade

Life has gotten increasingly busier the older I've gotten and sometimes I just really miss playing around with my siblings. This afternoon I found myself with a chunk of time to spare and decided that playing with the little men would be awesome fun. We started out with our traditional, "Let's play battle."
We all have our battle names: Cooper, David, Lone Ranger, and Agent 99.  
We started playing and then a certain someone decided that simply running around with guns was boring so we decided to build a barricade and play "Les Mis."

We, of course, were the French revolutionaries. Just look at those heroic chaps!

Jared (aka. Cooper)
Andrew (aka. The Lone Ranger)

Nathan (aka. David)

A view from the revolutionaries side.

It was a truly heartbreaking moment to watch a comrade fall.....until I caught the look on the Lone Rangers face.

A tad bit mushed perhaps?

And then in one dramatic moment the entire barricade came crashing down.
It was an epic battle.
Agent 99 survived without a scratch.
We celebrated by dancing like Russians, cause let's be honest, Russian dancing is way more celebratory than the minuet. ;) For the record, I cannot dance like a Russian.
Yeah, we don't quite compare.
We have fun here.