Monday, June 17, 2013

Colorado Adventures

 A few years ago our family attended the Reformation Day Faire, down in Morton, IL, and we met this wonderful family. Well, they moved far away a couple of years ago and we really don't get to see them much anymore. So, when everything worked out for them to pick me up and spend a day hiking and having fun at the Colorado Sand Dunes I was THRILLED!!!! It was a great day and I am just so thankful to God that it all worked out.
We went to Zapata Falls first, which is a stunning waterfall back in a groove in the mountain. You have to climb pretty far back through the ice cold water to get there. 

I love climbing all the way up next to the waterfall. It is so beautiful and so loud that you can't hear anything but the roar of the water. If it weren't so painfully cold, I could spend a whole day there.

The only waterfall selfie that worked. Haha

This little river is under the sand for most of the year, but in the spring it makes an appearance and boy is it refreshing and fun to play in!

The adventurers getting ready to hike up the dunes.

I absolutely love this picture because it is so deceptive! It looks like he's flying down the dune, when in all reality he's hardly even moving. :-)

The four of us that made it to the top of a very large dune! I was dehydrated and ready to pass out, but it was so worth the work climbing up.  

And some of us decided to bury our legs in the sand at the top. I wonder which pair of shoes are mine?????

Sand beard. Haha I just can't get over the Alaskan hat.

Playing in the river.
Photo credit: Gloria Bringe
And because I just couldn't resist......I had to prove that I could slide down faster without a sled than with one. For some reason this picture just cracks me up so bad! :-)
It was a great day. I am so happy that it worked out.
 More pictures to come....

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