Monday, May 27, 2013

Life is Beautiful

I love the movie October Baby. It has such an amazing message. One of the songs that is from the movie is called "Life is Beautiful" by the Afters. It's a beautiful song that I love.
As I was working on a drawing for a friend tonight, this song started to play on Pandora. Because of some struggles our family has been going through, I began to roll my eyes when the song came on.  I started to have a moment of sarcasm and suddenly it dawned on me that life is beautiful not because the world is perfect and dandy, but because there is a Savior who has redeemed me and has a plan infinitely greater than anything I could come up with.
Sometimes I get tired of the pain and drama that life carries and I honestly wonder why the Lord picked my family to go through the things we have gone through. But then I look back and see how He has made beauty rise from the ashes. I see how He has taken the ugly lump of clay and formed it into a masterpiece.
In the movie October Baby, it took a lot of pain and ugliness before Hannah (main character) saw that life truly is beautiful. It seems to me that the destruction and heartache that we go through is what teaches us what truly is beautiful in life. Beauty is not often what we perceive with our eyes and minds. It is more of a quiet total dependence on Christ. When what was once beautiful is destroyed, the only beauty that remains is Christ. When we see Christ as the only beautiful thing in our lives, suddenly life becomes beautiful because Christ is our life!
Life is beautiful.

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Emil Bandy said...

Yeah, I'd have to agree, October Baby was a great movie - It's easy to forget that life itself is the story of Christ's redemption, and that the beauty of the redemption is reflected through every aspect of life.

Great song! Started out the day well.