Tuesday, February 7, 2012

God's Providence

I shouldn't be here right now.
I should be at a hospital emergency room.
I shouldn't be smiling.
I should be crying and feeling terribly guilty.

But I'm not. Why? Because of God's providence.

We ate breakfast together as a family this morning - we always do. Many of us were concentrated on petty things, some of us argued, you know - a regular family morning. We did devotions and split ways. Most of us kids went into the living room to sing. I decided that I needed some peppermint tea to help clear my throat which was rather groggy. I filled the tea pot with water, turned the burner on and walked away. A few moments later my mom left the kitchen, followed by my sister Sarah. We started to sing when CRASH!!!!! There was a HUGE explosion from the kitchen. I looked over and saw glass shattered from one end of the kitchen to the next, and I mean shattered - big pieces, small pieces...shattered. When I turned on the stove burner I accidentally turned on the wrong burner. I turned on the one that our 13x9, thick glassed pan was sitting on. The burner heated up and the pan exploded.

Not one person was in the kitchen.
Why? Because of God's amazing providence. In our house there is always someone in the kitchen. It seems to be the most popular room in our house.
Not even the cat was in the room when the glass exploded.
If anyone had been in there they would have ended up in the emergency room. It took us almost two hours to clean up the mess. There were huge chunks of glass even on the other side of the room.

There were angels in our house this morning. I think they were pushing us all out. There were arguments and disagreements going on, there were people worrying about silly things, but it really doesn't matter now. God used even those annoying arguments to save lives. I am not exaggerating when I say that I have never seen glass shatter the way that pan did. (Though we usually don't blow up pans in our house.)

I am so thankful for God's protecting hand. He wanted us to live today. He wants us to glorify Him. We were all given another day to glorify Him and enjoy Him. Don't miss it.

Each day is a gift.


Heather said...


Grandma Cheryl said...

How scary! Praise God that nobody was hurt....

Grandma Rachel said...

Oh Kaila, I just read your entry and I'm sitting here just praising God for His providence right along with you!