Monday, July 25, 2011

Treasure of My Heart

"Jesus, You are the treasure,
Treasure of my heart.
I'm amazed at Your beauty and all that You are;
My everything, the song I sing,
My sun, moon and stars.
Jesus, You are the treasure,
Treasure of my heart."

This is the chorus to a song that I learned a couple of weeks ago, while working at a horse camp. (The theme was storing up treasure. I think that it is a "Patch the Pirate" song, but I'm not sure.) Saturday, we Babiak ladies went to the Reformation Ladies Tea, hosted by Providence Church. (If you think like me, that would be James and Stacy McDonald's church.) The theme of the talks was "Idols of the Heart." It was an exceedingly wonderful time and I was deeply convicted by many things.

I was thinking about the above song this afternoon, and comparing the difference of having the treasure of Jesus in your heart or having an idol in your heart. Truly, it is very easy to let idols in your heart because even good and wonderful things can easily become idols. Mrs. Becky Morecraft was one of the speakers (a dear and wonderful lady) and she said something that really struck me. She said, "Christ will have all of you, or He will have none of you." As I got to thinking about this I wondered how this would apply to me. I thought, "Well, I think I have given all of myself to Christ. I mean, I've surrendered my life to Christ." It's funny how quick and prompt God is to reveal to you the truth about yourself. God gave me this picture of how I had been withholding myself from Him.

Imagine on your wedding day, a day you have waited for with great excitement and anticipation, your future spouse came up to you and told you, "I am all yours except for this one little part of my heart. Don't worry, this little piece is only for the occasions when I want to have a little fun, or you aren't giving me everything that I want. You get everything else; I'm only keeping this little part for myself." I thought, "That would be horrible! I would never ever want that to happen." Then God showed me how I had been just like that. True I have surrendered my life to the Lord, but every now and then, when I am a little unsatisfied and discontented, I take back just a tiny piece for myself. It may be so small, maybe just daydreaming about my future or trying to plan how I want my life to turn out, because I don't feel like trusting God. Just a little thing can quickly turn into an idol.  Even good things, like dreaming of a future spouse can quickly turn into an idol if we are not trusting in God, and making sure that He is the treasure of our hearts. Even love can become an idol if we are yearning for the wrong kind of love.

"Christ will have all of you or He will have none of you."
This rather scared me, because it is so easy to reserve even small, teensy parts of our hearts for other things rather than God. I still think about the future, I still think of my future spouse, but the important thing is that I am clinging to Christ and putting my trust in Him. Rather than dreaming of my special someone, I need to be praying for him that God will strengthen him and prepare him to be the leader he will have to be. I cannot afford to let these dreams become an idol in my life. Of course, there are other things that will try to become idols in our lives; things like money, cleanliness, obedient siblings, quiet...yes, I know even I can idolize peace and quiet sometimes, but that doesn't change the fact that it is wrong.
Jesus is to be the treasure of our heart. He is our all in all. He died on the cross, saved us from our sins, gave us eternal life; if He never did anything else at all for us that would be enough. (That was something mentioned by Mrs. Morecraft as well.) Let's not idolize over earthly things, even good things, and let us make sure that Jesus is the treasure of our hearts.

Anyways, we had a wonderful time at the tea. Every speaker had such wonderful words to share. I was convicted and exhorted. It was wonderful. We also had a great time getting to know the Serven ladies better as we shared a table with them. They are delightful and it was so nice fellowshipping with them. Vision Forum sells C.D.'s of their family teaching you how to sing in 4-part harmony. These are the C.D.'s that have helped my family begin learning how to sing in parts. Click here to see their family blog.

God bless and remember to make sure that Jesus is your treasure!
In Christ,

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