Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mood Swing

My family and I love to have fun with music. Whether it be singing "Dixie" like a bunch of chipmunks, pretending that we are attending a Scottish wedding with all of our instruments ("Mairi's Wedding"),  singing "In the Sweet By and By" Southern style, or trying to sing in octaves not meant to be sung by voices like our own; we love to have fun with our music. So in this Babiak spirit of musical enjoyment, I thought I would give you a special treat. You see, when my creative juices get running...well...let's just say, interesting things happen. :-) This song is one of them. One of the songs I have known for about ten years, one of them I just learned recently, and one of them I worte. (At least I think I wrote it. I have a tendancy to play things by ear that I think are original and then I find out that they really are not. I have changed the tune enough that I think it's safe to call it original.) See if you can figure out which one it is.

I have named it "Mood Swing," because each song switches the mood. (Rather self explanitory I think.)

Songs: 1. "Fluttering Leaves"
2. "Sonato Ops. 2 No. 3"
3. "Mapel Leaf Rag"
4. "Vipsania"
5. "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God"
6. "Fluttering Leaves" repeat.

So I purposely did not put the authors. See if you can figure out which one is mine. In fact, for an even more fun challenge, see how many of the authors you can figure out.

If you think that you have guessed which one I wrote, see if you can figure out the inspiration behind it.
Have fun!

In Christ,


Anonymous said...


I'm thinking yours is Vipsania?
What's the inspiration behind it?

I agree its fun to change the mood of songs. Playing a slow song lively, changing major to minor, and changing the time signature are some things I like to do to make songs more interesting and different.


The Babiak Family said...


Yes, Vipsania is mine. Who else would name a song something wacky like Vipsania? :-)
Actually, it's not as strange as it sounds. When I was studying the different Caesars in school I learned about Tiberius. His first wife was Vipsania, who he is said to have loved very much. Augustus forced him to divorce her and marry his daughter Julia. He did even though he loved Vipsania and did not care for Julia. Vipsania was pregnant at the time and lost her baby due to her grief. Some people say that is why Tiberius ended up being so bad. Of course, I believe it was all God's plan and sovereignty.

It's a very tragic story and it was so emotional that I just sort of sat down and made up a song. Hence, I named it Vipsania even though it is a rather ridiculous name. I like making up songs for people in history. I just don't always thoroughly figure them out enough to play them. :-)

So, that's Vipsania.
In Christ,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. Songs with interesting names usually have interesting stories behind them.

Making up songs for people in history sounds like fun. How about making a song for each person in your family? That could be fun...hmm maybe I can get my creative juices flowing...


Grandma Cheryl said...

I thought it was Vipsania also! I enjoyed the whole clip! Love you!

Grandma Rachel said...

Kaila that was awesome! I love to hear you play piano so very very much. Thank you for sharing it with us. I liked the music you wrote for "Vipsania" and I enjoyed reading the story behind her name. I love you.
Grandma Rachel

The Babiak Family said...

Thank you to both of my wonderful Grandmas!

Yes, Bethany, it would be great fun to write a song for each member of my family.

In Christ,

Savories of Life said...

Very nice music. I hope you had a happy 4th of july!