Monday, July 19, 2010

The Farewell Symphony

Wow! What a great day the Lord has made!
I had a piano lesson earlier today with my wonderful teacher. I’ve been working on a song called “Andalucia,” by Ernesto Lecuona. My goodness it is an interesting song. At one moment I think it’s great and the next moment it becomes… well, not my favorite to say the least. I like several of Ernesto Lecuona’s songs like, “Gitanarius” and “Maleguena,” but this song does not like to “work with me.”

Yesterday, I read a very neat book to a couple of my younger sisters. It is a picture book called, “The Farewell Symphony” by: Anna Harwell Celenza. I really enjoyed it and so did my younger sisters. The book is about Joseph Haydn, (the famous composer) and his “farewell symphony.” I love the way it portrays all of the feelings of the musicians in the story. Prince Nicholas, whom Haydn worked for had two different estates and he did not allow his musicians to bring their families with when they went to the “summer” estate. The book is great at showing the aggravation of all the musicians at the Prince for doing this. Haydn, not wanting to upset the prince decided to cleverly put their longing for home into a symphony. The book then describes how the prince felt and what he heard during each movement of the symphony. The descriptions were right on. After reading the book I realized that there was a CD included that had the whole symphony. I listened to it and I couldn’t believe how perfectly the descriptions from the book fit the real music. I LOVED it! Anyway, this is a book that I would definitely recommend to people of all ages. My little sisters thought it was fun and I thought it was neat to read the music descriptions. 5 star book! If you do happen to read the book, make sure you listen to the symphony after you’re done reading. It will make you appreciate the book even more.

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